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For a long time, UWS Construction Group also known and referred to as United Walls Systems, has been known to specialize in providing quality light gauge framing and drywall services. Over the years we have developed new operating units to meet the needs of our clients. Our separate operating units have grown to specialized areas that allow us to focus our efforts allowing UWS Construction Group to continually exceed our clients goals.


Santiago Fernandez


Santiago Fernandez


Abel Vanegas

Accounting Department

Abel Vanegas


  • Provide to our customers the highest quality contracting services at fair and competitive prices.

  • To ensure the longevity of UWS Construction Group by maintaining lifelong working relationships with our customers through repeat and referral business achieved by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes, by all of our employees.

  • To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and professional associates.

  • Provide a work place atmosphere were all workers are encouraged to think outside the box and to go the extra mile in surpassing our customer’s expectations and goals.

  • Provide ever evolving construction services to meet the needs of our clients.

Faithfulness: Faithfulness can be measured in many different ways, At United Walls Systems, we value being faithful in fulfilling our commitments to our clients, employees and vendors.

Honesty: Most business value honesty, at United Walls Systems, Honesty is at the core of who we are and how we interact with our clients, employees and our vendors.

Integrity: Integrity can mean many things for different organizations and people, at United Walls Systems we subscribe to the old school definition including strong principles, good character, ethics and sincerity.

Team Work: Team Work, United Walls Systems approach to every project is that of TEAM WORK, we believe that being a contributing member of your team, is the best plan for success.

Relationship: A major driving principle at United Walls Systems, is that we value relationships with our clients. We strive to maintain relationships so that our clients know we value them, and have their best interest in mind.

In developing UWS Construction Group (United Walls Systems), my goal was simple, create an organization that is a “client satisfaction” focused team providing quality construction and maintenance services, ensuring that our clients will want to invite UWS Construction Group back to work on the next project.

Our simple approach to work has been extremely successful, we concentrate on meeting your needs each and every day. Our workers are all trained to serve you by meeting your needs and any special requests, helping to exceed your expectations and goals for the project.

My desire is to develop lifelong partnerships with our clients, we want to be your “Go To” solution for your construction and building maintenance needs.

UWS Construction Group, is a proactive team player that concentrates on meeting and exceeding our client’s goals by focusing on being a proactive team player and dedicating ourselves to the projects safety, quality and productivity!

Contact me today, let UWS Construction Group tailor fit our construction services to support you and your next construction project.

Santiago Fernandez

UWS Construction Group (United Walls Systems) maintains Minority Business Enterprise certification in Massachusetts, New York and New Hampshire. UWS is uniquely qualified to provide you with quality construction services at fair and reasonable cost, helping you to maintain your project budgets while meeting the MBE requirements of your project.

An important part of a productive organization is the “back of house” operations. At United Walls Systems we provide our team with all the required support so that they can perform their work in the field.

We have found that many of our competitors are on the extremes when it comes down to administration support of the field. They tend to have either have little to no support relying on managers to perform the work at night or on the weekends or they have a large staff with multiple assistants and duplicated efforts. These extremes tend to deprive the project of attentive managers as they are required to do too many things, allowing issues to remain unresolved or slip through the cracks. The opposite extreme is just as problematic, too much support staff needlessly increases job costs, making the entire effort bloated and costly.

At United Walls systems, we strive to provide the required services needed to support the field operations. Our support operations allows the field managers to concentrate on your project knowing that they are part of a team that will provide the needed level of support from the office.

United Walls Systems approach to maintaining proper staffing ratios between the field and office support, allows the field team to focus on the work in the field providing you with the best possible project and minimizing the overhead burden of the project helping to reduce the overall project costs.

United Walls Systems maintains a professional estimating staff that has field experienced in the work we perform. We feel that it is extremely important to bring as much expertise as possible to every project that we undertake, and that starts with the initial review of the project documents.

On many occasions, United Walls Systems develops Request for Information (RFI), early on in the estimating phase of the project, allowing you to identify potential cost overruns early as possible, helping to provide you control over the budget as early as possible.

Experience estimating staff is important to everyone, helping to identify issues early on that are specific to the particular type of work is best accomplished by utilizing specialized estimators that have their finger on the pulse of the industry. United Walls Systems maintains an estimating team that are expert estimators and experts in the field that they work in.

At United Walls Systems we understand that the key to a successful project is an experienced, proactive and dedicated project manager. Our Project Managers come from the trade, they have the experience and understanding to quickly resolve day to day issues that can only be achieved from mangers who have “lived and resolved” the problems that arise in the field.

Project Managers provide you a “go to” contact when you have any questions or concerns allowing for quick and complete solution to any issues that may arise.

At United Walls Systems, our project managers are take charge managers, ensuring that your project is completed on time, on budget while meeting all of the projects requirements, maintaining safety, quality and productivity.

Every project has unforeseen issues that can impact schedule, budget and productivity, a proactive and experienced Project Manager working as a team member helps reduce the impacts of these issues, contributing to a successful project for everyone. At United Walls Systems, you get that experienced and proactive project manager!

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