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govt sector by UWS Construction Group

United Walls Systems (UWS) excels at becoming part of the team at many government facilities. We pride ourselves in the ability to anticipate the particular needs of the various groups, helping United Walls Systems to perform the work without impacting the daily operations of the facility. 

UWS understands the need to be proactive, meeting the needs of particular projects, while coordinating all activities with property occupants and users. UWS becomes an active member of your team, helping to provide the best possible working environment at your facility. 

UWS, provides all types of property maintenance and management services from the daily mundane property maintenance operations to regular preventative maintenance to emergency 24/7 response, UWS is your solution to Building Maintenance. 

When Safety, Quality, Productivity and Security are part of your concern in selecting a contractor for your upcoming project, UWS fits that requirement!  As part of our daily work plan for each our projects we review all site conditions on regular basis that can impact the safety, quality , productivity and security at the worksite, when required we make adjustments in our plans, allowing us to maintain the best possible condition for all aspects of the project.

While performing building maintenance and repairs at the NOSC centers and other Government Facilities, UWS provide daily services that run the gambit of property maintenance, preventative maintenance programs and building repairs. 

Part of our regular duties includes providing all needed maintenance and repairs on building and M/E/P systems, including:

• Electrical

• Emergency Generators Security Systems

• Closed Circuit TV Systems

• Plumbing


• Fire Suppression

• Communication Systems

• Elevator Systems

• Security Fences

• Security Gates

• Painting

• Door & Window Repairs

• Flooring Repairs

• Ceiling Repairs

• Roof Repair

• Exterior Siding

• Masonry

• Landscaping

Repair to exterior of multiple historic buildings at the shipyard, while buildings remained fully occupied. The repair and reconstruction of the historic buildings, included abatement of asbestos, lead based paint, repair and restoration of exterior molding and trim, repair to wooden sash, repair to wood siding, repair and replacement to masonry wall systems, replacement of historic glazing, reconstruction of window and door systems, installation of caulking and painting, providing historic accurate repair and replacement to various buildings throughout the shipyard. 

Interior building repair, working within an occupied building UWS provided construction services to repair and modernize the facilities, including asbestos and lead abatement, repair and replacement of existing flooring, walls and ceiling systems, and painting the interior of building H1. 

Interior building alterations, repair and modernization at building 240, including new interior stairways, interior and exterior door, jambs and related hardware, structural alterations and painting.

Exterior grounds improvements including new plantings, trees, lawn repair, mulch beds and general landscape construction at various areas around the facility. 

Facilities expansion including construction of a new metal building and canopy at the water point area. Building included site work, concrete, steel erection, steel siding and roofing, doors, windows and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. 

Facility upgrades at existing operating buildings at various areas across the base, including upgrades to electrical systems, modernization to lighting systems, upgrading existing light fixtures to energy saving LED light fixtures. 

Security upgrades including new roadways for security purposes at various areas of the base, including site preparation, grading and compacted gravel roadways with related support work.

As part of a Multi-Year contract with the (USDOT), UWS Provides the Volpe Center complete property maintenance at this multi-building complex. On a daily basis UWS meets the daily needs of facility maintenance, repairs and implements the preventative maintenance programs for the Volpe Center buildings include emergency repair, scheduled repairs, M/E/P system repair and maintenance, including all building systems and their related components. UWS provides needed services at the Volpe Center with onsite staff including carpenters, painters, plumbers, heating and ventilation technicians, electricians and facilities management staff, helping to meet the US Department of Transportation property maintenance and repair needs.

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